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Picture a family jumping into their Town & Country van in Aiken, SC, and leaving everything that makes life normal. The Gidley Family set out to obey the Word that the Lord had spoken to their father, Tim Gidley. Much like Abraham's family, they were to leave and go where the Spirit would lead them. The journey lasted 441 days and encompassed driving all the way across the country, ministering in churches, television studios, and crossing the ocean for a ten-day pilgrimage in Israel. This book is not a chronological story of their adventure, but specific stories of God's provision and response to a family who took Him at His Word, received of His Grace, and found manifestation of all things required by FAITH.



  • Witness the results when one quickly respons to the Word of the Lord.
  • Realize that most choices in life are between Comfort or Growth. You decide!
  • Understand that even the smallest obedience prepares you for your greatest assignment.
  • Discover that God has Door Keepers assigned to open doors of opportunity for you.
  • Visualize that grace is God's ability and provision. Faith is the hand that receives it.


Book Errata: Click here to download an updated Chapter 5

An Unimaginable Step

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