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SAbrina Gidley

inspiring the family of faith


Sabrina Gidley has a commitment to family, children's education and the arts, as well as speaking to ladies groups across the country. She committed her life to the Lord in baptism when she was 9 years old at Ft. Huachuca, AZ. 


Classical ballet was an early love, and her training and dedication to this art has opened doors for unique ministry. Her daughters now carry this on in worship ballet under her tutelage.


She was educated at Shiloh Christian School, which led to her passion for Christian education for children. She later received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Education and taught primary school grades.  Her 3 home schooled children now benefit from her teaching experience as she and Tim educate them as they travel.   


Tim and Sabrina have been married for 20 years and during these years have listened and followed the calling of the LORD into their ministry. It is Sabrina’s passion to help others understand that the walk of faith with God isn’t always easy, but is always rewarding.

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